Pet Care

pet care

When your pet decides to spend time with Classic Pets, our caring and professional staff will treat your pet like he/she is at home. Your pet will be pampered with their own individual run, blanket/quilt, dishes, food, daily treats and 3 walks a day, with time to run after a tennis ball in a large, fully fenced play area.

All of our kennels are indoors. We have a ventilation system that constantly refreshes the air in the kennels, with no drafts. We use hospital grade, pet safe/approved disinfectants to keep all areas of Classic Pets clean and smelling fresh.

Classic Pets Boarding & Grooming provides pet care in Canton, OH. Once you see what we have to offer in dog day care, we know you’ll choose us again. We offer the best pet grooming and it's our goal to provide what your pets need. If you’re looking for a pet groomer, contact us today.